There's room for a rustic garden bench in almost any garden. And it makes a nice quiet spot for you to relax. Follow our material and construction instructions to build a full-size one for adults.

By the way, it's really easy to make a child-size one for the little ones, too.

Here's what you need:

  • For the back: 2 uprights (length according to the height required), 1 plank (approx. 120 cm long) Round timber, approx. 30 cm diameter

  • Another 2 pieces of round timber for the feet, approx. 30 cm long, approx. 30 cm diameter

  • Chain saw with low kickback chain, e.g. STIHL MS 171 with Picco Micro Mini

  • 12 screws, approx. 150 mm

  • Drill

Step 1 of 4: Chock the round timber with wooden wedges or similar to prevent it from rolling away. To make a seat, the round timber has to be cut more or less in half. Draw a sawing mark on one of the faces first and then along the long sides.

Now saw out the seat, starting with a vertical cut into the center of the round timber. Then

turn the round timber 180 degrees and make the cut from the other side

Step 2 of 4:Now make the feet. Make a v-shaped cut in each of the two short pieces of round timber to fit the seat and fasten in place with screws

Step 3 of 4:Screw the uprights onto the feet and the seat

Step 4 of 4:Finishing off: All that's left is to fit the back. Screw the panel onto the uprights at the desired height using 2 screws on each side.

Hope this was a helpful tip how to use you MS 170 STIHL Chainsaw.

Thank you STIHL for the use of this article for our blog.

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